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XML Conversion Services

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Before moving to the xml conversion services that we offer. You must know about what actually XML Conversion Service is? Xml conversion means to convert data from a specific format such as HTML, JPEG, TEXT, PDF etc into an xml format. So now you know what xml conversion services are, we can moving to out xml services that we offer.

SMT provides you XML conversion services with the best descent conversion rates and quality work. So partnering with the SMT XML conversion data entry team allows organizations to successfully deal with the challenges, common scenarios such as –

It is always a quite difficult challenge to find ISO certified data entry professionals.

It is quite complicated to convert xml files in any other formats. Not only complicated but also time confusing, costly and requires good employees.One might encounter several errors while converting large volumes of data into xml compatible forms.

So businesses that are operated in multiple time zones and countries in different languages are quite challenging during xml conversion process.

SMT’s XML Conversion Services

Xml offers several advantages as compared other web publishing formats. Xml has certain advantages like scalability, versatility, flexibility and validation capabilities. Our advanced XML conversion process help in digitization of books, newspapers, magazines, manuals, journals, manuscripts and other documents. SMT’s data entry team can convert certain formats such as –

  • Converts XML to PDF
  • Converts XML to MS Word
  • Converts XML to Excel
  • Converts XML to web page
  • Converts HTML to CSV
  • Converts HTML to XML
  • Converts MS Word to XML
  • Converts PDF to XML
  • Converts MS Excel to XML
  • Converts RTF to XML
  • Converts Text to XML
  • Converts any storage media to XML
  • Also XML tagging services

SMT’s XML Conversion Expertise

Technology is always transforming which adds to organizations’ needs of keeping up with the latest trends. Adapted data formats and processing content work is the highest priority of people. This is where we step in! We are a team of highly skilled professionals at your beck and call, always ready to perform any conversion you need. Our expertise include:

We can complete conversion projects in all XML versions – such as DTD (Document Type Definition) and XSD (XML Schema Definition).

Our data experts’ possess considerable amount of process expertise related to accomplishing XML conversion projects. This includes a rigorous understanding of the XML framework and syntax..

Secure methods of access to data and transfer of data, following completion of projects.

Advantages of XML Conversion 

  • XML is one of the most economical and effective formats to publish your data on the web and most importantly on time, as it’s a schema-driven language and doesn’t require any programming.
  • XML is flexible. You can create your own tags, or use tags created by others, that use language of your domain, that have the characteristics you need, and that makes sense to you and your users.
  • XML file formats are precise and comprehensive. They can easily be integrated with other formats like HTML to make webpages significant and worthwhile.
  • You can validate the format quick because it has the validation facility.
  • It is very easy to grasp and manipulate. You can create relatively huge flat files in this format with little or no complications.
  • Once the documents are all converted, it becomes very easy for users in an organization to search any document easily and carry out their jobs efficiently.
  • Using XML helps to organize data in sequential manner and this makes it secure for search engine bots to index this data.

FWS’ XML Conversion Process Flow

  • Receiving input documents and files in various formats such as HTML, PDF and RTF.
  • Preprocessing to extract the relevant portions of documents required for the next step.
  • Conversion that encodes documents so that they are machine-readable as well as human-readable.
  • Analyzing solutions internally with self-quality check.
  • Final validation of results.
  • Detailed quality review by a QA specialist followed by revisions as required

Why you should outsource XML Conversion Services to SMT

  • SMT’s XML conversion services include a lot of benefits. Few of them have been described below:
  • SMT takes projects in all XML versions including DTD (Document Type Definition) and XSD (XML Schema Definition).
  • Our level of scalability is very high.
  • We demote about 60% in operational costs
  • Our pricing structure is very flexible i.e We charge our clients based on hourly estimates and the type of input files converted.
  • 98+ percent output accuracy irrespective of the file format submitted by the client.
  • Uploading final results and files to the client.
  • Personalized service is assured for all conversion projects since requirements of each and every client are unique.
  • Our sharp-wited team management hierarchy facilitates professional and perfect execution of projects.
  • Our staff holds the knowledge inconvertibility for any format and therefore, we boast of our high-quality provisions.

Why us?

Contrary to what it may seem, XML is a system that is compound and demands a thorough understanding of the standards and requirements of XML to potently use it for its intended purpose. This is vital when XML is exploited, particularly when used in databases where the establishment of the foundational requirements is difficult to achieve.

This is made possible at SMT as we have outstanding teams allocated to carry out tasks that involve markup languages, in this case, XML will be handled by trusted expert staff who are both highly experienced and hold dominance on an in-depth knowledge of the language and its specifications. With the absolute leadership of the outstanding and superb project manager they are able to manage and complete projects in given time and deliver high-quality results. Conversions involving XML necessitates several orders of validation and proofing which is carried out for each project by the project teams, which is part of a customized program developed in-house. Our team is dedicated to providing you with best and highly reliable services.

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