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tekla steel design

Having well-trained, highly dedicated and motivated employees from reputed educational backgrounds, SMT Tekla steel design, Engineering offers fast and reliable services to meet tight schedules set by construction engineers, structural engineers, architects and steel fabricators for their various construction projects.

Our Vision

We are the Part of your Company. The ethical principles of a business solution and orientation Tekla steel design

Who Are We?

We are the leading company, we are at the highest place among the quality Steel Detailers & Designers. We use Tekla steel design to generate 3D metal architectural styles & also certified X-steel /Tekla Components for brief and clear technological innovation sketches on metal outlining.

What Do We do?

We generate specific sketches for metal fabricators and metal erectors. We prepare specific plans, sketches a construction of metal structures such as High supports, trusses, stairways, hand-rails, joists, metal deck.  We design all types of Structural Steel Design and Connection Design for the Steel Fabricators.

How We Do It?

SMT Engineering appears by its high quality and dedication towards customers fulfillment in all its deliverable. The Detailing with perfection which fits your requirements.



  • Connection design of all types of steel structures.
  • Structural analysis and design of modular and stick-built structures (pipe racks, buildings, equipment supports and packages, pipe rack bridges and stacks).
  • Design of industrial and commercial steel structures.
  • Prepare issue and track , request for information (queries) if required.
  • Analysis and design of pre-engineered buildings, shelter, and sheds.
  • Design of equipment skid for static and vibratory equipment (compressors, pumps, turbines, etc.)
  • Structural vibration problems and remediation.
  • Shallow and deep foundations such as steel driven piles, screw piles, concrete piles, mat foundation and gravel pads.


  • Preparing project detailing schedule.
  • Prepare and check the 3d model of the structure.
  • Prepare advance bill of material if required.
  • Prepare issue and track, request for information (queries) if required.
  • Prepare shop drawings.
  • Prepare erection drawings.
  • Prepare bill of material.
  • Prepare NC files for automatic machining.

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