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PubMed Conversion Services

In today’s high evolving and fastest growing world of technology, there is always a need for the compliance to the advanced and new digital formats PubMed conversion services. It has become mandatory for the companies to show adherence to the latest digital publishing formats including PubMed conversion services. This is an effective and a recognizable online format which is extensively used to share the bio-medical journal quotations and quotes to the NCBI.

The links to the bio-medical journal citing are given on the journal website, by making the use of the link. PubMed has been designed and it is maintained by the National Center of Biotechnology Information – NCBI, in the U.S. National Library of Medicine – NLM.

Why Outsource PubMed Conversion Services To SMT?

SMT is one of the fastest growing outsourcing companies based in India offering high quality and exclusive services to create and manage journals. We have a fully operational in-house team in our office having expertise in PubMed conversion and with high proficiency in the XML conversions.

Bio-medical journals need specific terminology and digital format for certain structure of data. Professionals working with us have an in-depth understanding of the syntax required for bio-medical journals including the designing and content formatting. Also, this is a user-friendly digital format which is well known in the medical industry. The quotations and references used are easily available which saves the time of the reader to detect and analyze the content verification. The digitized format is effective for e-medical journals.

Whether it is bio-medical content or pure medical content, we make sure that our clients get the quality at all costs. Our journals are free of all the semantic and typo errors.

What We Provide

SMT, the Indian outsourcing company provides refined conversion services to all types of businesses across different realms. At S Multi Technologies, our team engages in

  • Processing of PubMed journals DTD or schema
  • Processing of scientific formulae and images in accordance with the norms of PubMed Central Library
  • Converting the PDF, word, Text to XML format by adhering to NCBI standards
  • Adhere to the JATS Specifications and create Bookshelf XML and NLM XML
  • Advanced software is used for the conversion of files and content

Hire us for unmatched quality Pubmed conversion services. We are always dedicated to offering you quality and effective digital conversion services.

Anytime, you can get a no-obligation quote from us. Contact experts in our outsourcing office today itself to know more about our services!

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If interactive, gen-next ready is what you need, the let our PubMed conversion services take charge to ensure that you get the perfect solutions that befit all your specific technical, aesthetics, formatting and financial requirements.