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photo clipping services

S Multi Technologies in India offers exceptional outsourcing photo clipping services. Also known as clipping path, the solutions are now in high demand since most industries are always in need of good quality photographs. The use of these services is to remove the unusual background or part of the photograph.

Image Clipping Services

We, one of the most professional photo clipping services providers execute immaculate extraction to any and every file format as desired by the clients. Years of experience and expertise in the field has made our outsourcing company in India one of the most preferred names in the digital photo clipping services industry. We have been offering quality photo cutout services results in a professional manner for years in a row.

Quality Clipping Path Services At SMT

When a picture is required to be used for a particular objective, it becomes imperative to remove any unwanted elements present. With the use of photo clipping services, the unimportant areas can be cropped to portray the image in the best possible manner. The sharpness of the clipped photo appeals to the audience instantly. Our clipping path specialists even correct the unattractive background using advanced tools and techniques.

photo clipping services are essential as visuals impact the human mind greatly. Each image is worth speaking a thousand words, which we make sure of. Cropping off the edges and retaining the sharpness of each pixel is created by our visual experts thus making it attractive yet result oriented.

Types Of Photo Clipping Path Services We Offer

Photoshop Image Masking

At SMT, the image editors working passionately on your project are highly experienced and well trained to carry out all types of image masking and related activities, no matter how tough or complex the task is.

Sometimes, we have to work on photos that are really complicated. They may be outlined with curvatures, bends or any other type of intricate irregularities. In such situations, it’s practically difficult or at times least possible to apply clipping paths owing to the uneven and sophisticated outlines. Having worked on multifarious photos, we can identify such photos quickly. By making strategic use of advanced Photoshop tools for creating an appropriate image masking, we proceed with the activity of beautifying the concerned image.

Background Removal of Images

Removal of backgrounds is not always that easy. Prudent and precise manual image clipping path has to be done by experts. We house professionals who are skilled in the same. By all possible means, we make the image look real without even leaving any traces of editing.

The professional designers with us work on your images in such a way that the images appear attractive, clear and of great quality. In the background enhancement context, we remove the background completely or remove other unwanted elements like vehicles, dark spots and Lightroom subjects.

Clipping Path With Drop Shadow Creation

Shadows are very important in certain images as they make them look more real and convincing. Graphic designers with us master applying the right drop shadow effects on images after removing their background.  Our experts make use of drop shadows for enhancing the overall appearance of your images. With drop shadows, the subjects appear more three dimensional and thus more real.

Further Our Clipping Path Services Are Segregated Into

  • Basic/simple
  • Moderate
  • Complex
  • Clipping path with mirror reflection creation
  • Multi clipping path with color correction

Why Choose Our Clipping Path Services?

SMT in India is a respected name for offering quality clipping path services. Every step is executed with utmost perfection to bring out the best in the images. Tools used are Magnetics Lasso Tool, Background Eraser Tool, and Channel Mask.

Right from professional photographers to studios, e-commerce companies, magazine publishers, advertising agencies, press and others use our highly skilled image editing solutions.

We have been successful in fulfilling the photo clipping services, image masking and background removal demands of our clients through proper need analysis, accurate solutions and quick response. Our support system is well defined for Preprocessing, during process and post process which ensures continuous support to our customers.

Image clipping path services: Various categories we support

Photo clipping services for furniture, automobile, fashion, product, jewelry, real estate and more

Advantages of Our Photoshop Clipping Path Service company

  • The talented team of image editors: We house image editing experts with extensive experience and we also fortify them with latest software and tools to ensure that their complete expertise limitless exploited for the benefit of our clients. People working for us are adept in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and every other popular software program. Our professionals work on high-resolution, flat screen monitors to deliver apex class of images.
  • Shortest turnaround time: Swift delivery is what we always perspire to achieve as we know how relevant is time, whether it’s in business or in personal life.  As we are based in India you already have time-zone benefits. Besides, we are highly resourceful and make our professionals work in multiple shifts. Time needed for completion is most of the cases maximum 48 hours. However, based on numerous factors including complexity of the project, time may fluctuate a bit but we always try to be swiftest.
  • Quality assurance: We are too particular about quality and hence we have multiple phases of quality procedures in place. Our team is trained to make sure that our own set standards are met and client’s guidelines are adhered to. We have an unbeatable record of nearly 99% accuracy.
  • Reasonable rates: For us, each and every customer is important and everyone approaching us is regarded with equal reverence. To make sure that no one leaves us because of the affordable process, we have created well-strategist packages to please all categories of customers.
  • Data security: We respect your right to privacy. Whether it is your personal photos or business related images, we are committed to making sure that every file we receive stays completely secured. Our company uses VPN or FTP for file transfers. Backup of source files are also maintained. Only authorized people directly related to the project are availed access and we are always ready to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Experience S Multi Technologies image clipping services for better image clarity and unique identity now!

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