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Outsource Wedding Photo Post-Processing Services

Outsource Wedding Photo Post-Processing Services

The world is completely digitalized. Even photographers have started to reform into digital editing experts. If it is a wedding photo proper light, good focus, proper editing will only complete the work that becomes a tedious process. Around 1500 to 2000 photos are to be edited. All our partners and workers try hard to give our best. 

We will be your arms to complete your process of post-completion. Our staffs excel in the field of editing services of photographs clicked by our photographers from the US, UK, Australia, and Europe. We work at the back of the lens and less in front of the computer. 

Our wedding Photo Post-processing Services 

Our service helps both photographers and editors. Any editing work of photos new or culled pictures will be worked on within 24 hours. If the wedding when there are too much of editing service the due date may vary.  

RAW Image Conversion Services

We do the basic service of pictures that are in RAW format is converted to jpg, tiff or any other specified file format without any changes or image enhancement. 

Wedding Photos Editing Services

Video editing at any stage will be done by us. Our wedding Photos Editing Services are digitalized. 

Rough Editing 

Around 1500 to 2000 photo editing will be a big-time stretching, do rough editing for selection of best picture as per the picture quality, a density of the picture, moments and mood captured, stick to the exact number of pictures the client requested for. 

Detail Editing

We edit every nook and corner details taking the essence retaining details that enhance the heart of the event. The start to finish, including image post-processing work of wedding photography, is taken care of by us. The methods we use are 

  • Colour correction and enhancement
  • Density correction
  • Noise reduction
  • Image sharpening and adjustments in exposure
  • Balance, Saturation, and Contrast
  • Level editing, dodge and burn techniques
  • Edit blemishes and backgrounds

Almost all our customers are completely satisfied with the pictures and its jpeg formatting made the work easier. 

Artistic Editing

We manipulate your wedding pictures into an art form. This includes 

  • Monochrome Conversions
  • Sepia Conversions
  • Black & White Conversions
  • Special effects

Digital Album Design Services

We edit your photos and organize it according to the marketing needs. At first, we send through FTP or uploaded onto any online viewing site else private photography lab through the internet for approval and comments. A final approved file is sent as Photoshop files.

The Steps Followed

  1. Receive Images via FTP from clients with guidelines
  2. Download and Cull Image verification is done
  3. The scope of Work Review based on given time limit and segregate for editing for editors
  4. Edit Downloaded Images photographer’s style is not changed but customized accordingly. 
  5. Load the Edited, retouched and finished images for approval in .jpg or .tiff formats. 
  6. Final Editing based on the review changes is made  

Benefits of Our Service

  • Fast work completion
  • No backlog
  • Best tools and technologies
  • Personalized touch with our service
  • Single destiny for wedding photos and post processing work
  • Always reachable. 

We, s multi technologies wedding photo post-processing company ensure that all your requirements are satisfied by our teamwork and on-time delivery. We are at one step to reach. Our image post-processing services, outsourcing wedding post processing are the major parts of client satisfaction. We aim to achieve one among the top S Multi Technologies wedding photo post-processing in India.

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