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Outsource Typesetting Services

outsource Typesetting ServicesWhether the publication needs are in the form of print or digital format, the interior design is the greatest factor to make or break a reader’s enjoyment. So, as publishers, if you want to increase your productivity with low costs that are mingled with innovative solutions, S Multi Technologies is just the right place that will help you with one of the best typesetting services for both print and electronic media. We at S Multi Technologies, help our clients to achieve a systematized and well-designed publication. Our team has the best minds that are completely bent towards creativity and will help you with the best style, font, letter, word, line, and paragraph spacing to roll out an outstanding publication.

S Multi Technologies uses various typesetting software such as InDesign, Quark, Advent 3B2, Frame maker, Latex and Word. Some of our services include:

  • Scientific, Technical and Medical books
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Academics
  • Cook and comic books
  • Books on Legal studies
  • School books of K1-K12
  • Travelogues
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Informative materials like encyclopedia, directories, newspapers etc.

Our state-of-the-art-technology furthers our efforts to provide high-quality desktop publishing and typesetting services across the globe through the modern technological provisions like email, FTP or CD. S Multi Technologies team of graphic designers and desktop publishers make a perfect blend of their expertise to help our clients with the best of services. We are so well famed about our proficiency that innumerable clients reach out for us for handling their manuscript documents to change it to a digital copy to finished source files, Postscript or PDF.

Why Choose S Multi Technologies?

After a text reaches the publication stage, the step necessary prior to it is to transform the Word document into a format that will look presentable in the commercial place. To use Word as a format file is unadvisable for various reasons. One of them is because Word document is devoid of the smooth settings for word spacing, thereby giving rise to plenty of blank space that detracts from readability. Moreover, Word gives an uneven quality to the final document as it does not ensure the same number of lines per page. The other trouble is inserting graphics in Word document because by doing so it shifts the words around the graphics in eye-jarring ways.

We at S Multi Technologies use professional typesetting technologies that are as per the industry standards. Are professionals take utmost care in yielding the best results keeping the principles of good design as a vital commodity of typesetting the targeted document? The following reasons further will assist you as to why you should consider S Multi Technologies an indispensable need for typesetting services:


At S Multi Technologies, we believe that our clients must review the finished document and show their will to make us do the required changes multiple times if needed so.

Personal Discussions

We include our clients in the typesetting progress through regular consultations about the various stylistic choices available. We help our customers to come out with the best ideas, and then S Multi Technologies implements these ideas as inputs to give the best look in the text.

Printer Specifications

We see the printer requirements of our clients if they already have one for the book or the manuscript.

Speed and Cost

S Multi Technologies has a proven record of meeting the deadline always set by clients and within the approved budget too.

Post Printing Communication

We are always available for questions and other support even after the clients have met with their end product and satisfied services throughout.

What are The Benefits of Availing Our Typesetting Services?

Chapter Headings

S Multi Technologies skilled layout designers have innovative ideas to create excellent chapter headings so that they act as essential pages for keeping the reader’s attention at an optimum level throughout the chapter. We blend corporate images and graphic design text to make the book have the best look and also simultaneously maintain the consistency of providing a similar theme for the chapters.

Eye-Catching Cover Page/Illustrations

We ensure to reach out to our clients with the best interior layout designs, book illustrations and cover page in the superlative manner that completely is at par with client requirements too.

Selection of Fonts

The right font selection spells out the author’ style and taste and this is why we help our clients with the perfect fit for their projects. A visual hierarchy gets created by S Multi Technologies experts so that reader’s attention gets grasped for a longer period of time. Alterations, if any, are met with to complement the font and help the end product to have the desired visual that our clients aspire for.

Usage of Alt Text

Our Subject Matter Experts employ the alt text command to help the users with alternative information if viewing the image gets difficult for them.

Usage Of Headers And Footers

The usage of headers and footers are also used by our experts to help the readers navigate through the paginated documents.

Bullets And Lists

We use bullets and lists to match the demands of the text and its style. The client’s need for giving the document a formal or informal touch can also be skillfully met with S Multi Technologies typesetting department.

Proofread and Quality Control

Multiple errors that are often present in the content get corrected by S Multi Technologies typesetting department. Errors related to style, font, typographical features, format, artwork variation, hyperlinking and many such similar ones can be perfectly presented after their corrections by our team. Quality checking is also considered a vital step by us after the documents get proofread so that the end product get presented before the client in the most perfect way possible.

STM offers typesetting services that have adequate usage of symmetrical and asymmetrical alignment schemes. We allow composition of tagged files like MML, XML, XTG so that these are accessible through many applications. We at STM are immensely capable of providing the accurate typesetting needs that clients want for their books and eBooks through our customized composition services that are completely in accordance with their output needs and budget.

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