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Proof Reading Services

Outsource Proof Reading services“Murphy’s Law: “If you write anything criticizing editing or proofreading, there will be a fault of some kind in what you have written.” ― Mary Norris

Writing and editing. Editing and writing. Everyone who has ever written anything knows both of these go hand in hand. The existence of one without another is almost impossible. Every hero needs their sidekick and writers if you ask me are no less than heroes. They need their sidekicks; you must know them as editors, as much as any other superhero out there does. Any and every kind of writing requires editing. Whether you are writing a novel, an article, a research paper, a book, poetry or even something as trivial as your blog post, you need someone to proof read and edit your work for you.  Even if you’re a professional writer, let me rephrase that,  especially if you’re a professional writer you need someone to correct your errors, mainly small grammatical errors that escape your notice while you’re busy putting your thoughts on the paper.

SMT’s Proof Reading Services

We, at S Multi Technologies, are a team of professional and highly qualified proof readers available for any kind of proof reading services you may require.  We provide professional proofreading services of a wide range, starting from academics to businesses of all kinds and sizes. We are quiet proficient in what we do as a result, we offer all kinds of proof reading services. Basic proofreading, intermediate proofreading and editing, as well as heavy editing. We offer professional work in a very less amount of time.  We also provide subject expert editors and have a reputation for excellent quality. We offer:

  • Proof reading and editing for all every kind of document.
  • We guarantee confidentiality of your provided information.
  • Our quality is the best that you’ll find among others.
  • Multiple reviews from our clients that we’ve worked for.

What do we proof read?

We proof read and provide every kind of service, exactly according to your needs.

  • Essays
  • Job applications and CVs
  • Poetry, novels etc…
  • Business documents
  • Research papers
  • Website content
  • Articles and Newsletters
  • Research papers
  • Magazines
  • Academic books and reference books

1. Essays

Being a student is hard, we know. Been there done that and suffered too much. Did you stay up the entire night writing a 1000 page essay and now don’t have energy to edit it? We feel your pain. We understand your desire to get the highest grade without grammatical errors ruining it for you.  We can help you fill the vacant spaces that might’ve been left in your essay. Doing a group essay and just can’t figure out what to write and what to leave? No worries, we’ll do that for you. Our editors and proofreaders will very closely read through your entire essay and provided ideas and edit it according to your standards.

2. Job Applications

You want to apply for your favorite but aren’t sure whether your resume stands out or not? Getting a job is difficult, but making sure your job application is up to standard is even harder. That’s where we come in.  We, at S Multi Technologies, are skilled proofreaders and editors who will extensively analyze your CV and or cover letter and will send you a personalized and efficient statement upon its finalization. Our review service will assist you in creating an outstanding impression with potential employers.

3. Poetry/Novels

Just finished writing first novel and want to have it proof read by a professional? Don’t want to lose your style while maintaining your creativity? Good, because we wouldn’t want you to. Whatever genre you are writing we have experienced and selected that have a good command over your required genre, making sure your work remains authentic. At S Multi Technologies, we’re as passionate about your work as you yourself are.

4. Business Documents

Meticulously assembled and proofread business documents can make a commanding impression by enhancing communication, expressing an explicit perception and reinforcing relationships. We can help your dream business become a reality. Business writing also requires you to be comprehensive and inclusive. We will try our best and make sure to remove any un-important information so only the most-bold details of your business documents are highlighted and focused.

5. Research Papers

When writing research papers, one of the many concerns is clear language and a clean script to convey complex and intriguing information in a simple and engaging manner. Writing an academic or a scientific report is far from an easy job. It’s a tedious and tiring job and sound content is the main concern. S Multi Technologies is great for researchers, professors and lecturers alike to get their articles checked before publishing them.

6. Website Content

To attract as large masses as possible, your content must be neat and immersing. We are the best known experts in website content editing. We have edited a wide variety of blogs, landing pages and applications for SEO marketing. Our editors are aware about the current trends and keywords that will enhance your website.

7. Articles and newsletters

Getting your articles or newsletters proofread and edited before you send them to the publishing journal will help you gain good reviews from journalists and authors. Precise journal editing and proofreading are therefore very crucial when composing an intellectual article for journal publication. Every author needs to check and rectify his or her own work, of course, and having colleagues or mentors go through your paper and offer some constructive criticism will help you a great deal in the long run.

Why to choose S Multi Technologies?

We deliver quick and good quality service as we’re aware of the pressure you must be under. We provide all kinds of proof reading and editing and keep respect your privacy and confidentiality. We safeguard your voice and vision, and make all the necessary changes along with maintaining your personalized style. 

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