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Outsource Image Clipping Service

Outsource Image Clipping ServiceCompanies in fashion, food, real estate, automobiles, and various other sectors have a huge demand for both offline and online marketing material. As their demand generate need and they demand clear, clean and attractive images that will give an appealing look to their customers. So will help in your refining photo and make them free from Imperfections and make them look highly attractive to attract the customer.

S Multi Technologies (SMT) is one of the leading and most preferred global image clipping outsourcing service. As we have a highly experience photo editor and infrastructure that will help to provide professional services. We are expertise in image clipping service and provide services to global customers. Once you partner with us our image clipping service team will help you to enhance and restore your images within a short period.

Image Clipping Service We Offer

S Multi Technologies (SMT) offer image path fixing services for a variety of products shots. We can also offer photo clear cutting service and refined images which can use for marketing material and can also be used on your website. Our image clipping service include-

  • Food image clipping
  • Fashion image clipping
  • Product image clipping
  • Furniture image clipping
  • Real Estate Image Clipping
  • Jewelry Image Clipping
  • Automobile Image Clipping

Food Image Clipping

If you are in a food manufacturing company or in the food industry. It is important to use a quality image that attracts your customer and that will show that your food is fresh and delectable. Sometime, food images that we captured will steal the overall appeal because of the dull background. So for this reason, we professionally food images to make them look more appealing and toothsome.

Fashion Image Clipping

Every photographer needs to edit the image once they are clicked especially the fashion photographer. The creative fashion photo editor can make commonplace photos look animated and dramatic. Our S Multi Technologies (SMT) fashion editor not only work on creating the image, skin smoothing, cleaning up adding/reducing noise and color tint but also work in redefining the persona of the model.

Fashion Photo Editing Services Include-

  • Sculpting body shape (enlargement / reduction)
  • Moles, blemishes, discoloration, acne etc. removal.
  • Editing the light and shade in focus areas or in an entire photo.
  • Modification of color in certain photo elements.
  • Beauty and fashion retouching; and retouching of glamour portrait.

Product Image Clipping

Product image clipping service is very important especially in case of e-commerce or in the online business platform. Because e-commerce business mainly depends upon product image quality.

Our product image clipping service include-

  • Product photo enhancement and retouching.
  • Removal of background from an image.
  • E-commerce image clipping services.

Furniture Image Clipping

S Multi Technologies (SMT) is a leading furniture clipping service. That help the furniture editing and enhancement services. Furniture clipping service is very important because if you are selling furniture you must ensure that the picture carries some appealing furniture photo. S Multi Technologies (SMT) offer a various range of furniture image clipping and retouching services that help to make the image look more clear, brighter and attractive and will boost your profits and sales.

Our Furniture Image Clipping Service Include

  • Removing and Adding of background
  • Lighting or Removing of shadows.
  • Environment adjustment
  • Giving classic and vintage finishing.
  • Three-dimensional look create.
  • Giving photo a real look.
  • Eliminating furniture reflection.
  • Resizing all the photo.

Real Estate Image Clipping Service

S Multi Technologies (SMT) outsourcing provides amazing real estate photographs. Images that capture the way a home looks and feels. To meet the actual needs of the client S Multi Technologies (SMT) outsourcing offers Top quality real estate image clipping images.

Our real estate image clipping service include

  • Real estate photo enhancement.
  • Real estate image editing and blending.
  • Perspective correction.
  • Sky replacement.
  • Color cast removal.
  • Real estate panorama object.

Jewelry Image Clipping Service

When it comes to jewelry, image editing and retouching play a critical role. S Multi Technologies (SMT) jewelry clipping service has a year of experience in image clipping service. We help in editing and retouching image of jewelry retailers, advertising agencies and photo studio. Our jewelry product editor gives the life-like feel of the product.

Our services of jewelry image clipping include

  • Tones, brightness and contrast correction.
  • Removing dust and poor reflection.
  • Adjusting color.
  • Image scaling and resizing.
  • Improvement of precious metal color and gemstone.
  • Create and Clipping realistic shadow.

Automobile Image Clipping Service

Image editing service is now a day to play a crucial role in the automobile industry. As the picture of vehicles plays the main role in selling and attracting a customer. S Multi Technologies (SMT) automobile clipping service will help you to retouch to enhance your automobile look and increase the visual pleasure which will help to attract customers.

Our automobile image clipping service includes:

  • Remove glare from the photo.
  • Brightness adjustment and noise reduction.
  • Background removal
  • Correction of color in a photo.
  • Retouching photo service.

Why choose S Multi Technologies (SMT) for image clipping service

1. Best Quality

We use the best technology, resources and time to provide high-quality images clipping services. As our quality assurance team perform multiple quality tests to meet the client’s expectation. As we understand the importance of quality that is required to appeal to a buyer. That is why our team create an image that will give an appealing and that can attract a customer and increase your sales.

2. Data Security

We provide data security services. We have a strictly signed an agreement and security policies that will help you to keep the data or image you share with us is completely safe and secure.

3. Skilled Professional

Our team have a year of experience and also keep on update with latest image editing software likewise Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Photoshop CS6, and Lightroom, CorelDraw, PTGui Pro 10 etc.

4. Affordable Prices

We Provide reasonable price that suits everyone budgets without compromising on quality and that can also customize as per the client requirement.

5. Quick Turnaround

The S Multi Technologies (SMT)outsourcing strive to achieve customer satisfaction with our quick delivery of the project.

6. Support Team

Our Support team is available 24/7 so that it can help our client in case of any query. Once we get any query we also assured that our team will respond within 24 hours.

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