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Outsource Forms Processing Services

Outsource Forms Processing ServicesThe process of data collection and its analysis can be a time consuming and labor intensive activity when done manually and with not too good experiences in using the best practices attached to it. In this aspect, S Multi Technologies has been one of the leaders in the data entry services and is a trusted partner for many global businesses too. We at S Multi Technologies have pliable and automated data management processes that help to churn out great values of work for any kind of business form.

At S Multi Technologies, we understand the different processing needs that each company has. But we work with the goal of improving our ability each day so that we can provide uniqueness of service in the form processing department. That is why we have built up the following five steps that are used for the data entry services for any client:

  • We determine the best channels to automate the data collection process of the client through a process that combines need analysis and process review.
  • Expert in designing forms and printing services
  • Complete the entire form processing services that comprise of mail receipt, document preparation, and data entry
  • We process, clean and validate data
  • We deliver the data directly to the clients with the help of secure FTP, VPN, and email attachments

The Form Processing Services of S Multi Technologies

In order to cover every form of an organization, we at S Multi Technologies offer various form processing services. The following are the type of forms S Multi Technologies processes in its form processing services:

Orders and Requirement Form Processing

The form processing service offered by our company manipulates sensitive data with utmost security. We capture, catalog and store the client’s information in single or multiple formats depending on the needs.

Subscriptions And Payment Forms

The process and techniques involved in handling these forms take a lot of time and good experience as this requires paying ample amount of special attention to customer details. That is why outsourcing these forms help the clients to focus on the other core important needs of an organization. At S Multi Technologies, we help these clients with form processing services with subscriptions and payment forms for a detailed, well-arranged payment transaction that acts as a reference. So we take the provided data from the client and arrange them in coherence by using the right software for doing so.

Questionnaire and Poll Results Form Processing

Always come to S Multi Technologies when conducting market research for your company’s products, surveys and collecting poll result forms. S Multi Technologies helps the clients in this aspect to undergo efficient processing that can avoid miscalculations, form loss or interpretation of inaccurate data.

Web Form Processing

Web forms that are in the HTML format need a good amount of specialized processing by experts. This is where S Multi Technologies comes to your aid and helps in an in-depth Web Form Processing. Our automated forms processing system is embedded with the quality of interpreting encoded web language for fast and error-free informational usage.

Tax Form Processing

This requires the mass processing of forms that deal with income, state, federal and other types of taxes. At S Multi Technologies, we are experts at handling large quantities of tax forms using our automated form processing services. Assessment of relevant data is done in every step so that effective results are churned out quickly in a database that is simplified for easy information retrieval.

Claims and Lawsuit Form Processing

S Multi Technologies provides services of processing lawsuit forms, claims and similar type of forms that companies of all categories need to process daily. The extraneous details are extracted to roll out the vital information and create databases that are tailored to use by the company.

Credit and Debit Card Application Form Processing

The form processing team of our company circumscribes the forms that are regularly used by online and store shoppers, third-party leaders, banks, coupon deal sites, merchants and partnered organizations for the use of personal payment purposes. Our company is up to date with the latest technology that helps our team to become proficient in handling such matters.

Product Registration And Enrollment

We understand the confidentiality and sensitivity of information that is filled in registration and enrollment forms. These data are crucial for all-round development and that is why we use the best class technological techniques to process the data perfectly and at prices, any of our clients can afford.

Customizable Approach to Form Processing By S Multi Technologies

We at S Multi Technologies extract our client’s vital business information and make it a simplified database to enable other employees of the client company to have access to this data efficiently.

  1. Data Collection: We have a customized plan that is at par with every business or individual specifications which are them combed through with our automated software to avoid any error.
  2. Automated Form Input System: We house different systems of character recording methods depending on a business’s or individual project type. These are:
  • OCR: Applied to machine print to identify symbols, characters, currency signs and many more.
  • OMR: For making check marks or mark sense boxes that we come across in survey or poll forms.
  • BCR: Used for forms that feature bar code information that is quite commonly seen in industrial company stock information, automotive industry information and many more.
  • ICR: This is widely used for hand printed information for medical industries, financial companies, and similar businesses.
  1. Data Configuration: The collected information from the forms gets configured for the final database where verification for accuracy is carried out.
  2. Database: This is the final step of S Multi Technologies for form processing to help clients have a streamlined database with processed information.

Business Advantages S Multi Technologies Provides For Using Its Form Processing

  • S Multi Technologies helps to process innumerable images that rely on image-based informational forms
  • Company forms are flawlessly checked for accuracy.
  • S Multi Technologies provides more than basic scanning and processing of data. Our company will help you to have well-defined databases based on complex calculations and analysis.
  • Firms that have manual form processing, typographical errors, lack of speed and high cost can be the major drawbacks. For such firms, we help them with our automated form process system that can process a large number of pages to allow client to have speedy access to form data on limited time frames.
  • S Multi Technologies processes structured and unstructured forms
  • Our experts can scan and process forms in any language and create databases in any language too.
  • We can help the client have their forms designed in formats like HTML, CGI, JSP, PHP and many more.
  • By helping the companies with S Multi Technologies automated form processing, we reduce a client company’s internal costs in form processing.
  • We create backups and save all information in the most secured manner by designing special access codes for a client’s form database.

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