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 Data Security

outsource data securityData Security is the protection of data from intentional and accidental modification. So when you taking about outsource your data to different vendor there is always a fear of misused and misplacement of data. As data security is the most important and crucial factor. Outsourcing data security to SMT will help you in many ways as-

As SMT make a roadmap to achieve maximum protection of data and help in protecting and managing your data and entire data lifecycle.

By outsourcing data security service to SMT will help you to secure your data in many ways. As we have a team of data security you strictly monitor all confidential data. At the same time for the security purpose, we also do not allow our team member to take a PDAs, laptop and any other electronic gadgets. besides that, all our employees signed confidential agreement and non-disclosure agreement before employees handle or start working on a project that carries confidential information. Once your project is completed we either destroy or return your resources as per your instruction.

Guidelines For Data Security

  • Good security policy
  • Data protection
  • Select the right vendor
  • Intellectual property policy and sound privacy.
  • Network security audit
  • Provide guideline to handle data.
  • Least privilege rule.


1. Good Security Policy

The first step before outsourcing any project everyone must ensure a good security policy. As the security policy should be sound and rational. The security policy can be classified into common and sensitive data. So SMT will help you to finalize a guideline by the manager, stakeholder, and employees of the organization.

2. Data Protection

SMT ensure that your data is begin protected. As our employ use database monitoring gateways and application layer firewalls. As these device help to enforce usage policies and can also help in preventing vulnerable exploitation and privilege abuse.

3. Select The Right Vendor

Selecting the right vendor is one of the most important steps of data security. As selecting is a very crucial task. SMT follows a strict security policy. As this a strict security rule in an organization that will protect your data. 

4. Intellectual Property Policy and Sound Privacy

SMT follow intellectual property protection laws. We also follow intellectual property policies. To provide security of data.

5. Network Security Audit

 SMT conduct regular network security audit and database security audits. That will help in identifying issues related to applications, databases, and devices on the network.

6. Provide Guideline To Handle Data

SMT provides a guideline to their employees to handle and protect sensitive data. As these guidelines are very important in case of handling sensitive data.

SMT Solution

  1. Network Security
  • The latest version of antivirus software and firewalls.
  • Regular basis passwords change. Password protected on multiple levels.
  • Limited access to selected personnel offering system-access policies.
  • Data backups in case of unforeseen emergencies.
  • Passwords and network access policies security.
  1. Data Security
  • We signed a confidential agreement by our data entry operators who work on a project.
  • We will help you with immediate reporting on any data in case of a security breach.
  • A daily backup we take for all data.
  • Our all employees
  1. Other Security
  • Our security team is available 24/7.
  • We give access to authorized personnel only.
  • Smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.

Data Security Solutions

  • Data Encryption Security
  • Mobile App Security
  • Payments Security
  • Browser Security
  • Hardware Security
  • Email Security
  • Managing Key security
  • Lott, Big Data, and Hadoop protection
  • Cloud Access Security
  1. Data Encryption Security Tokenization and Data-centric security will help to protect your data across enterprises, mobile, cloud and big data environment.
  2. Mobile App Security- SMT helps you to protect your sensitive data from native mobile app while safeguarding the data from end to end protection.
  3. Payments Security- SMT provides complete protection by providing point to point tokenization and encryption for transactions on retails payments and enabling PCI scope reduction.
  4. Browser Security- SMT help you to protect your sensitive data captured on your browser.
  5. Hardware Security- SMT has hardware security that will meet industry standard and guards financial data.
  6. Email SecuritySMT help you to provide end to end encryption from mobile and email messaging, Personal health information security and keeping personally identifiable. information secure and private
  7. Managing Key Security- SMT works to enables industry regulation compliance and solution that protect your data.
  8. Lott, Big Data, and Hadoop protection SMT help to sensitive data in the data lake – including Teradata, Microfocus Vertica, Hadoop, and other big data platforms.
  9. Cloud Access Security- SMT help to protect the platform that allows you to move to protect data in cloud applications.

Why Choose Security Service for Outsourcing

  • Cost
  • Can cost up to 1/2 as much.
  • Recent data points to only a 15% savings.
  • “Establishing a solid cyber incident response team means hiring approximately 18 employees and making an initial investment of almost $6 million, according to statistics from Gartner, an international IT research firm.”(Lawson, 2000)
  • A vendor can provide:
  • Adequate Staffing
  • Well Trained Individuals
  • Better facilities
  • Connection with law enforcement.
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Focused Objective and Plan
  • Security Awareness

Outsourcing to Us

  • Complete data security
  • Improved quality services and work efficiency
  • Saving time
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent management of data

1. Complete Data Security

 SMT help you to secure your data completely with 100% data security. As we signed NDAs with every client to make total data security throughout the process.

2. Improved quality service and work efficiency.

Providing data security service will help you to increase your data quality. As we have specialized people who strictly expert in this particular field. That will help you to not only improve your work quality but also increase efficiency. As our company has rigid policies that can detect and monitor any security breach. However regular audit can conduct so as to identify any breach of security.

3.Saving time

By outsourcing to us will help you to save time and resources. Not only that our support team is available 24/7 to help you in a case on any issue.

3. Excellent management of data.

All the Systems in the SMT have been installed antivirus software and firewalls. Not only that our technical evaluation is conducted regularly to ensure that all system adheres to security agreements. We also had restricted printed permission so that customer sensitive data does not get leaked. 

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