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Data Capture

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The process of identification and extraction of data to undergo additional processes of collection, arrangement, formatting, interpretation, and storage is called data capturing. Having access to the right quality of data is an indispensable need in today’s modern economy. That is why all vital data, in the form of documents or forms, must be captured, organized and indexed so that they help in efficient operational functioning. There are innumerous companies who are specialized at data capture services to help their clients be free from complex and laborious tasks of extracting data from forms and documents.


Services of Data Capture

All organizations need experts to help them with data capture. These experts display their specialization in the essential services that a successful process of data operates on. A typical data transfer provides the following services:

  • A graphical user interface component that allows data entry
  • A validation component that helps to check user data
  • A reporting tool to analyze the collected data

How S Multi Technologies help in the process of Data Capture

S Multi Technologies help in automated data capturing technologies consist of three vital and principal elements. These are:

  • Data Encoder: Our coder refers to the set of symbols or signals that have a connotation to alphanumeric characters. When this data is encoded, it gets translated into a machine-readable code which then tags the encoded data to the item that is to be identified.
  • Machine Reader or Scanner: In this device we reads the encoded data and converts it to an analog electrical signal.
  • Data Coder: In this we helps to transfer the electronic signal to the digital signal and finally to the original form that contained the alphanumeric characters.

Technologies we use for Data Capture

One of the most advantageous application tasks of data capture is to collect the information from documents and save it into the databases. The basic technologies that S Multi Technologies use in the data capture according to the data type in the document are:

  1. OCR– used for printed text recognition
  2. ICR– for hand-printed text recognition
  3. OMR– for recognition of marks
  4. OBR– for recognition of barcodes
  5. BCR– for bar code recognition
  6. DLR– for the recognition of document layer

These technologies help in extracting all information from hard copies of documents to process them for the enterprise information systems.

Type of Data Capture documents

The documents of data capture can be distributed under three groups. They are:

  • Structured Documents: Documents that have the same structure and appearance that helps in easy data capture because all the data fields are located at the same place for all the documents. Examples are questionnaires, tests, insurance forms, ballots and many such similar types.
  • Semi-Structured Documents: These documents have the same structure but have their appearance depend on some parameters. Data capturing task in these documents is a difficult but attainable task. Examples of such documents are invoices, purchase orders and many similar types of documents.
  • Unstructured Documents: These documents are flexible with their structure and appearance thereby making the task of data transfer convenient. Examples are letters, contracts, articles etc.

Advantages of Data Capture

A paperless organization helps in the efficient working of an organization as tasks get quite easy; time gets saved and increases the overall productivity of all employees. Some advantages are listed below that state why an organization should consider data transfer as an indispensable part of the firm’s functioning:

1. Increases Productivity

Many employees take quite a long time in finding a paper document. So with a well-executed data capture plan, this time can be considerably reduced leading to an investment of time in tasks that are deemed more necessary by employees. Data capture helps an employee to share, collaborate, exchange and access documents within seconds.

2. Cost Efficiency

Sometimes, the cost of printing a large number of papers can be quite costly. Along with this, data capture helps reduces the costs of other sub factors involved in the process of managing data manually like equipment management, paper records maintenance and cost of space. Data transfer also helps the employees to focus on other important core business needs and increase the investments on value adding verticals.

3. Accessible

The documents that are under the process of data capture can be accessed through the cloud or any such similar systems via an internet connection anytime and anywhere. For example, the Optical Character Recognition technique when used with a systematic paper indexing of the data can help in searching and accessing the data for making it time efficient and true to the efforts of the employees.

4. Provides Enhanced Security

A scanned document means a tractable document which can be accessed only by limited users if needed to be done so. The workflows can also be set in accordance with the permission of these particular users so that the security and confidentiality of the document can be maintained.

5. Disaster Recovery

Paper documents succumb to natural disasters or any other disaster that hits the business. Data capture helps to have the documents a repository that can be shared in the cloud or with the local document management system. This will help the organization get access to their documents despite all damages to the firm with a simple click.

6. Saves Space

Real estate space is quite expensive. Data capture eliminates the hassles of paper storage and gives more space and even sets free from off-site document storage fees.

7. Helps to stay competitive

Data capture is the new organizational mantra followed by any small or large-sized firms. The process of data capture has helped business in reduced costs, efficient workflows and satisfied customers.

8. Environment friendly

Data capture can act as an environmental friendly setup because it removes the cost of creating multiple backup copies and unnecessary printouts, thereby increasing the eco-friendly quotient of the company.

Data capture is considered quite an important strategy in every business functioning as all businesses strive for achieving the aim of delivering high-quality customer data for a better understanding of clients so that the relationship with them gets highly enhanced and drives in more sales. However, data capture helps to set a suitable level of communication with clients and segment the data so that the firm gets greater and faster results. Therefore, data capture practices are to be integrated with marketing strategies for optimum organizational results.

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