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Book Indexing Services

outsource book indexing servicesOCR or Optical Character Recognition is the recognition of printed and written text characters by a computer system. This further involves the steps of photo scanning the text, analyzing the scanned-in image and then the translation of the character image into codes like ASCII which is commonly and widely used in data processing.

At S Multi Technologies, you can outsource OCR scanning services as we are sure to deliver the best services within the client’s specified budget. As this process is quite a sensitive one, we ensure that our team experts will handle this with their perfect interpersonal skills and up to grade technology of the company. The process of analyzing the light and dark areas of a bitmap to identify each alphabet or numeric is done with a high level of proficiency.

S Multi Technologies Scanning, OCR and Indexing Services

At S Multi Technologies, the document scanning and indexing services provide the channels for many firms to transform their paper documents into digital formats for quick search and retrieval. Our team helps to manage every client’s end to end scanned projects to roll out the perfect high quality scanned documents delivered to DVD, SFTP or online document management storage solutions. The various features of the scanning and indexing processes are:


  • Assessment setup for projects of various sizes
  • Pickup and delivery
  • Preparation of document and coding
  • Quality assurance and maintaining high accuracy rates
  • Production of status reporting and document tracking
  • Handling the scanning process of all document types and formats
  • Top security and compliance
  • Shredding once the job is complete and verified


  • Automated data lifting
  • Data stamping and auto indexing with the original filename
  • Online batch indexing
  • Barcode and OCR indexing
  • Manual indexing with key entry and verification
  • Highest quality production of software and related types of equipment

As we offer all the above solutions with the collaborative efforts of the concerned team, we see that all the information reaches the client in a retrievable and user-friendly file that gets easy to work within quotidian life. Our data capture form internet scanners helps in the capturing and configuration of repetitive data. OCR text correction services are used with printing techniques and our text input scanner allows the clients to sort different volumes of data that can be easily available later for easy editing.

SMT offers its clients the most versatile techniques to index documents that get flowed into the client’s online document library. Documents can be further loaded onto SMI’s website with little or no hand keyed data to indicate that additional indexing is required. Our scanning solutions focuses mainly on image quality where an organization also benefits with a high level of document security, savings on shipping costs, improved customer service and elimination of any opportunity that may lead to the loss of documents in transit. Indexing documents are done at the time of scanning or batch indexed. This includes customizable index fields and a plethora of indexing options that covers barcode reading and ODBC connectivity. The PHFTP solution used by S Multi Technologies offers bulk loading of documents to a secure FTP site.

Benefits That S Multi Technologies Provides With Its Scanning and Indexing Solutions for Businesses

As documents canning and indexing are the indispensable steps for an organization’s digital transformation plan, S Multi Technologies offers the following benefits through its solutions:

  • Helps to convert paper based documents into electronic formats for the convenience of the client
  • Lowers the cost of paper document storage
  • Organizing the documents in an intuitive way
  • Enabling the sharing and collaboration
  • Controlling the access to secured documents

10 Ways to Improve Capture OCR and Indexing

All organizations have the best equipped capture tools but they are being utilized without realizing the gap between what is being done and what could be done with these tools. That is why the recommendation set for improving capture, OCR and Indexing has been listed below in categories of pre-recognition and recognition:

 Pre-Recognition Related Factors

  1. Firstly, the companies should aim for using the best source material that help the original copies have the most appropriate version possible. For this capture software should handle the full range of document sized for the scanner it can support.
  2. Secondly, scanning at 300 dpi resolution can improve the accuracy of the document. The format called TIFF offers better OCR accuracy but PDF allows more flexibility for post capture use. So, proper judgment is to be made as to use these formats individually or in combination with one another.
  3. Thirdly, in order to determine optimum settings, run time image optimization for OCR can be used. Also using tools that allow notifications to serve as alert problems with the scanner and its related settings should be used.
  4. Fourthly, the desk wing of pages can be utilized to maintain the lines in the horizontal arrangement. Layout complexity should be reduced in each page to increase variability in every document.
  5. Lastly, character edge optimization should be turned for OCR and the character and OCR software should be in accordance to the availability of the tuning of the above stated setting.

The Key Recognition and Indexing Related Factors

  1. The most important factor in this aspect is to select adequate OCR software so that the relevant capabilities include the ability to accept the optimized output present in the upstream scanner and the capture software.
  2. OCR engine training can have good results but it turns out to be very time consuming and expensive.
  3. The address of OCR engine voting gets advantageous when it is in high volume, in complex cases and where the document class range is wide enough in mall room applications.
  4. IDR or intelligent document recognition has the capacity to improve the capture center efficiency in a great deal. But since this technology is quite in its nascent stage we have to use it cautiously. So the best option is to start with small and simple applications while using IDR into one’s operations.
  5. Filters, lookups, databases and also dictionaries are considered effective as they reduce errors by constraining the characters the necessary words and characters. Also to automate constrain and populate other fields that are based on a key field should be pursued always.

Why Does S Multi Technologies Consider the Need For Accurate Document Identification

As every information platform of all firms’ stores content regardless of its origin, S Multi Technologies feels that the need for direct integration with various scanning devices increases the efficiency for quick capture and indexing. This makes information retrievable for all clients and their appropriate users. The other benefits provided are:

  • Accurate classification of documents and content for fast retrieval
  • Routing documents automatically to the specified business processes
  • Extracting useful data for the automation of critical tasks
  • Avoiding the need for replacement of lost and irretrievable documents

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