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Outsource Animation Services

Outsource Animation ServicesThe animation industry growing in India encompasses traditional 2d animation cost per second in india, 3d animation india and visual effects for various feature films that get released every year. When the animator of Disney Studios, Clair Weeks was invited to the Film Division of India to train the country’s first animation studio, the first product that released from these amateurs was the film called the Banyan Tree. 3d animation services india.

Since then many small and big scale animation industries have been leaving their footprints in the animation industry. Among them, S Multi Technologies is one of the leading animation studios with expertise in various fields of animation.  The company creates state of the art visual imagery along with developing content for many featured animated films, high-quality visual effects for hybrid films, short-form media, and special venue attractions. The skills also include complete CG and stereoscopic animation and image creation. With these skills and many more S Multi Technologies can create compelling animation content that meets the requirements of client companies.

Animation Services Offered By S Multi Technologies

We are approached by many clients for creating animation videos because they know we are among the best. We have a team of experts who employ multiple resources and tools to work if needed. All projects are created with a different look so that each focuses on the specifics and delivers the vision it has been aimed at by its inceptors. We also have an active portfolio that helps customers decide whether the work of the contractor aligns with the ideas they have in mind. Good communication skills in dealing with a professional design team and the clients are the basis on which our company mainly rests on. A list of our animation services have been cited below:

2d Animation

Right from the step of concept development and script to the steps of visual development and post-production, S Multi Technologies uses many software programmers that have both traditional and advanced animation techniques. Techniques like morphing, onion-skinning, twining and interpolated rot scoping are employed to our 2D animation services for movies, e-learning courses, product demos, games, corporate presentations to name a few.

3d Animation

The artists of S Multi Technologies are endowed with a deep understanding of creating in-depth and realistic 3D animation. We are experts at creating three-dimensional moving images so that every need of the client gets incorporated with the required aspects and effects in their animation videos to enhance the entertainment level of viewers.

Flash Animation

Our Flash animators use hand-drawn and digital art to produce various animated images and special effects. Our team uses Adobe Flash Application to build up these animated images along with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Other areas of work include drawing storyboards and designing multimedia presentations. Our Flash animators are one of the most sought after experts in the industry of animation as they display other skills like artistic proficiency, time management, advanced computer literacy, creativity, and communication.


Many people are not aware of the fact that every advert and feature film that gets displayed on screens has a touch of animatic in it. As the animatic is the preliminary version of a film, we at S Multi Technologies ensure that every step of animatic gets considered with equal importance and hard work with the utmost methodical planning. We use the modern 2D animatic that includes sophisticated animation and particle fix. We also use 3D animatic with 3D models with cost-effective animation services.

Animated Videos

We at S Multi Technologies create animated videos for marketing professionals, educators, large CMMi level companies and startup businesses too. we create the most distinct animated videos so that the client’s brand, product, and service sells out to the target audience and help these client companies increase their face value in the market in leaps and bounds.

Animated Storyboards

We design the best storyboards that have earned unfaltering attention and trust of many cinematographers as the storyboards were designed with the best of proficient of our company. Be it photorealistic or loose-lined, we make use of both black and white and colorful styles to illustrate every scene of a storyboard.

Animated Illustrations

Also known as animated GIFs are lightweight in nature and so our company uses the best of tools to create these GIFs in order to advance the businesses on a variety of social media platforms. We skillfully create captivating animated illustrations so that it puts across the desired message to the target audience in the best way possible.

Scribe Animations

Also known as whiteboard animations, these are ideal for training and development courses, online video marketing and for explainer videos. Our team of experts working with scribe animations has worked with widely famed global companies for which they have developed an unparalleled set of skills and expertise in this field.

The Animation Process of S Multi Technologies

To deliver the best end product with optimum results, we make the animation process undergo various processes. These are listed below:

2d Flash/ CGI Animation Process

This process includes steps like:

  • Concepts and script
  • Storyboard
  • Voice over
  • Layout Designing
  • Animatic
  • Key Frames
  • Clean up and Coloring
  • Flash Rigging and Animation
  • Compositing and editing
  • Final Render

3D Animation Process

  • Storyboard / Concept Art
  • Design and Art Direction
  • Voice Over
  • Asset Creation
  • Key Frame
  • Lighting/FX/Compositing
  • Creative Editorial
  • Final Render

The software’s Used at S Multi Technologies

Using the latest technology in animation services is the main work mantra of S Multi Technologies. We incessantly upgrade our workstations with the latest animation software’s so that the animators work with advanced applications to create the perfect 2D and 3D animations. The software’s we use are:

  • Animator
  • Draw Plus
  • Lightwave
  • SWISH Max
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Flash MX
  • 3Ds Max

We assure all our clients with high-quality services and complete data security with strict deadline submissions. The marketing aspects of the target brands or products are taken the utmost care with our teams’ proficiencies. So get in touch with us as we are glad to be at your service 24*7.

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