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OCR Scanning services

OCR Scanning services we proud to inform that  S Multi Technologies have engraved the name in the BPO corporate industry for the unmatched performance and quality services. We have been providing very high good quality OCR Scanning Services at very good competitive rates.

OCR Document Scanning Services-Benefits

The advantages of OCR Scanning Services are too much. Data about the corporate stored in hard-copy affect the entire business and storage in digital hard disk leads to access the information quickly.  This play space and accessibility time.  Hard copies are removed in this process.  Operating cost is minimized when we store the documents digitally. The client can review the stored digital information to compare and analyze for his business activities and data cannot be stolen because of its security.

Advantage's of OCR service has fast data entries and minimization of mistakes and conversion of easy way in digital formats. So, scanning and OCR solutions mainly play an important role here. Hence the demand for outsourcing the data process become very high as many companies are very much interested in cost-reduction. Multiple organizations outsource information/data converting to India. Since it is one of the very most reasonable cost. Other than that, new corporate companies will have the wish to introduce many new competing products in their market. So that they will get too much benefit by outsourcing OCR file/document scan works/ services.

OCR Scanning Services At SMT

S Multi Technologies (SMT) team will scan the entire files for your main business.  S Multi Technologies (SMT) team can provide digitally any kind of higher volume of data/information. We provide data capture, data cleansing works, cleaning up the files. We do file conversion work using OCR Scanning Services easily. We convert formats like TIFF, PDF, BMP, JPEG and many more.  We scan several sizes like from A0 to A8.  Once we complete the conversion the file will be loaded to the server either it will be destroyed or return back to the company.

We provide destruction and non-destructive type of scan books, files, drawings, microfiche, microfilms, photos, images and many more.  Once the scanning is completed, we can convert into either by e-pub, word, HTML or pdf (searchable format)

We Offer OCR Recognition that Includes Forms, Zonal,
PDF for the Following Levels:

Level 1 – For plain text formats and simpler works

Level 2 – Data tables, images, and charts

Level 3 OCR with data cleansing, correction and manual proofreading works.

We Can Provide The OCR Recognition Solution
The Following Areas:

  • Scanned photographs or images
  • Pay-roll form and application forms
  • Drawings, Manuscripts and banking forms
  • Invoice/bill remittance form
  • Brochures, catalogs and marketing materials
  • MICR codes and microfilms
  • Medical forms and Insurance forms

Why You Have Outsource OCR Scan Works To
S Multi Technologies (SMT)?

Scanning the file for making it digital then converting using OCR Scanning Services is a crucial job that will be performed very well by S Multi Technologies (SMT) teamThe client since it is a time-consuming job. We have experienced and trained staff to used appropriate methods to scan the words so that no mistakes will happen.  In many occasions, there are souse files have data, but it has to be scanned for further use.  SM Technologies (SMT) has a strong team in India provides reliable and stable product output.  SMT provides quality works to scan the data to store either in DVD or CD format digitally.  As per the client requirement, we do cross-check the information in the files/document for manual proofreading which will deliver good results.

SM Technologies process many languages files in Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Tamil English etc. SMT OCR scanning services provide the files in a searchable format that will be well recognized globally. OCR Scanning Services, optical character recognition services, convert pdf to editable word's.


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