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mobi pocket kindle conversion

If there is an eBook which is an e-Pub format, or for that matter any kind of usual eBook file format available on the web which cannot be read in the mobi pocket kindle conversion, it is quite obvious that you should go for the e-Pub transformation and related file transformation services. Mobi is a Kindle-friendly file format and it is possible through file transformation.

The services have been designed to make e-publishing as well as reading in the Kindle format easy and effective. The reader will have a natural advantage to read the eBook, whereas the publisher will have the advantage of earning huge profits. Now with the coming of these transformation services, the entire process of converting to this file format has become the valuable gain for the eBook publishers. The other advantages of this format are

  • Compatible with various reading platforms like PC’s, smartphones,
    e-Readers, Kindle and mobi pocket kindle conversion more
  • It complies with open standards like XHTML or OEB
  • It is a secure format implements DRM ensuring protection from copyright

Why outsource to SMT?

Our experienced team will do the e-Pub transformation for you. We are affordable and offer transformation services within budget. The file is thoroughly checked by automated converters under the supervision of our experts to make sure that everything is streamlined.

What We Provide

As the part of our e-Pub transformation service, we provide the clients outsourcing to us with

  • Multilingual conversions
  • Audi and Video Integration
  • Proofreading of text and correcting of images and illustrations
  • Re-sizing of images and illustrations
  • Creating Short links /Hyperlinks for the journals, articles as well as the bibliographic references
  • Formatting of complex data

Our team has the expertise to convert Word, text, InDesign, XML, PDF e-Pub, mobi pocket kindle conversion then transform it to the e-book file format in MOBI as well as HTML conversion to Mobi Pocket.

Hire digital conversion services from us and we assure you quality and effective services. Our turnaround time is swift and our solutions customized.