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Accurate data/information is captious. It is very important that the data/information exist should be appropriate. SMT provides enhanced form process solution/services to corporate companies worldwide, forms processing services, forms processing, outsourcing

Many data/ information is extracted from the newspaper, online news networks, sports networks such as documents, journals, and books. These sources are very good but need extra time for data storage and management. Data/information will become more useful and most effective when its converted from the original type to digital type. Information/Data extracted from digital format will become a highly valuable document.

It has become very popular when the form process solution/services have been outsourced to India. So many small scales and large multinational companies to invest in such data form processing works.

SMT Follows The Following Form Process Procedure
and Services

  • We configure the information/data after verifying the files and data cleansing works.
  • We create automated streamline DBS database works, systematic and searchable data cleansing works.
  • We do accurate data extraction/collection works I.e customized as per the client requirement.
  • We create streamline input data system with OMR, ICR, BCR, OCR and many more.

SMT converts the hard copy content to digital format in supported type as desired by the client. The data conversion can be of any application,
(Q/A) questionnaire and answers, any reports or any statistical data or any surveying report output or any analysis output which was collected from the original source such as scanned images, forms, faxed files, written documents, etc.

S Multi Technologies (SMT) Works for the Different Type of Forms that Include the Following

  • Questionnaire and answer forms.
  • Subscription forms.
  • Legal files/documents.
  • Immigration forms.
  • Property rental files/documents.
  • Payroll system forms/medical records.
  • Insurance forms.
  • Forms of bank cheques.
  • Market survey/research entries.

What Are The Other Benefits You Gain With SMT Form Process Solution/Services

  • Preventing manual errors through a streamlined automated process.
  • Manually verifying the flagged data/fields.
  • Large volume data processing.
  • Form analysis and calculation.
  • Reducing the client internal cost.

We would like to say that when you outsource the data to SMT, you can relax to get best product data services.

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