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epub conversion services

Having extensive experience in the area of digitization, SMT is resourceful enough to offer a plethora of epub conversion services and formatting, epub conversion services.

Traditional books are now stepping aside and the popularity of e-pub format and epub conversion services is skyrocketing at a greater pace than ever before. Favoritism of this format is increasing continuously among both the authors and publishers globally and this has paved way for the increase in demand for these solutions. The main advantage of outsourcing these services to India is the affordability enjoyed but also a lot more benefits which come with it.

epub conversion services into different formats are done in our company wherein we accept input files in word, pdf, In-design, XML, HTML and more. Our outputs are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle. Our solutions are used for different verticals such as e-books, e-journals, e-Magazines, e-Catalogs.

Services Offered By SMT

To quench the ever-expanding demand of tech-obsessives, we always stay ahead and all our e-Pub books are compatible with Google eBook store.

A surfeit of advanced solutions are offered by our team in the office among which the prominent ones are

  • We provide a flexible cover page design compatible with the screen of any eBook device
  • Our experts do index formatting along with proper tagging as well as linking of Table of Contents(TOC)
  • Original page numbers along with headers and footers are removed.
  • Illustrations and images proofing to assure that they are resized suitably.
  • Incorporation of video and audio files in e-pub whenever needed.
  • Implementation of Journals/ articles, links, bibliographic citations into eBooks and creation of hyperlinks/shortcuts for them.
  • Multi-faceted formatting of data for books, magazines, journals, 3 column formatting, STM publications and children’s books.
  • Re-pagination of the whole book by content as well as chapter

Exclusive Benefits Of Hiring Us

  • Well-tailored solutions based on exact customer requirements
  • Cost-effective services without compromise on quality
  • Quality check in all the stages of project execution
  • Adherence to deadline and guidelines as intimated by you.

Beyond words, we would like to prove our worth by doing a free sample for you when it comes to PDF to epub conversion services or any other digitization services. Outsource to us and we assure you the best of digitization services.

We provide e-Pub conversion services across the globe including the UK (London), USA (New York), Australia, Canada, UAE (Dubai).

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We offer quick, reliable and seamless e-Pub conversions services that can meet all the varying requirements, technical demands and all types of security requirements. Let our customized services take care of your need professionally.