Data Entry Services

We are one of the leading experts in providing the outstanding data entry services work in the recent technology to create and to submit the product outcome with higher values. S Multi Technologies specialized in professional handles of the data and also maintains the products on time with good quality to satisfy the client all over the world.

Online Data Entry

we deliver customized data entry works. Data entry is especially unavoidable in this century to reduce the customer working hours. We have qualified engineers who can type in good speed steadily with the high level of accuracy so that we can deliver the products on time and best quality. We invent the products to reduce the working hours to speed up the customer requirements. We use recent technology software to proceed the work in effective methods.

Data Capture

We receive all required data from hard copies and store it in scanned form'ed.  The original may be bills, application form, photos or in any written format.  Data capturing and changing into soft copies will take some time and it is a hard working.  We have a good team and maintain the standards that match the industry to obtain good outputs.

Data Cleansing and Enrichment

Controlling the high volume of data is a hard task and made the data worse if there is any inaccuracy. Whenever the data increase, there may be the chance of the mistake and small errors. This might take to face many issues, so avoiding these errors are more important. We maintain to perform high accuracy to reduce minor errors. We are experts in data cleansing and enrichment activities.

Scanning, OCR, and Indexing

We have experienced team working in India as well as in abroad to perform index, scanning and OCR activities. We photocopy and convert all formats of printed hard-copy materials into the requested format of the customer. Our engineers are very well qualified and certified in performing perfect OCR conversion work and data indexing in the proper way.

Web Research or Data Mining

Web Research or Data Mining Services providing research and mining. If you want to expertise in the particular area of new business, our team is here to provide the needed information.

Form Processing

Our team develop forms of any format and perform the task in any quantities. To automate the process, contact us to remove the errors. Our team obtain information from different sectors and change them into the user-friendly digital format. Customer information is safe can be accessed from all over the world with necessary permissions.

Document Management

To maintain and manage the information effectively, you shall contract our document managing services. The team, which we have to allow you to record and trace your information in digital formats in a proper way. Our team committed to making sure of providing better products and the main important in securing all customer confidential information.

Data Abstraction

We can summarize the important points instead of reading the 1000 page information. This will reduce the time and reduce the difficulties of your staff. We can do it for you on the contract basis. Our team will do the important role in the data abstraction services.

Data Analytics

We provide higher level data analytic services that will very important for your corporate works. Information is very important in any corporate works by analyzing the things to make it very important. We compile the planned works and current status to ensure the data analysis is online to provide higher values.

Database Development and Migration

We provide stellar database planning as well as migration services for all types of corporate works. Our experienced engineers do contact the selected things and implement carefully the framed procedures and adherence to security procedures. Hence the data corruption will be reduced to zero level. Errors will be at zero level.

We Provide Solutions for Text Related and be it Characters and Numbers or AlphaNumeric

1. Form filling

2. Payroll services

3. Questions and Answers

4. Surveying works

5. Subscription filling and more benefits of outsourcing information
services to S Multi Technologies.

You can outsource to S Multi Technologies for data entry works to reduce your expenditures and for also getting better advantages of planned outsourcing follows:

Extensive Process Knowledge

We have sufficient experience for many years in creating data entry and its associative services to corporate companies all over the globe. S Multi-Technology team has plenty of knowledge as well as vast experience in the variety of sectors associated to data entry services. We avail various services every time benefits the customers from the experience we have.

Skilled and Talented Workforce

S Multi Technologies have the best engineers having the high skill set and good experience. We conduct much training programmed to assure the people to be inline and get update regularly to face the demand/latest requirements in the data entry works.

Capability to Handle Bulk Works

We have the efficient team to handy higher volume of data’s and we can compete to handle the works in an excellent way. Hence the customers can modernize their process for the corporate works to enhance the level of outputs.

Round the Clock Availability

We work 24 X 7 X 365/6 days. S Multi Technologies committed to complete the task within the allotted time.

Support in Multiple Languages

Our customer care can support from various languages which the client can easily communicate their questions and provide their comments if any.

We are Technologically Advanced

We are working on the latest technologies to maintain our efficiency and we utilize highly stylish tools for quality products.

Pricing is Kept Reasonable

Once you contract with us, you no need bother about the prices. Our team provides a flexible package and different payment schedules. The client can choose according to their needs.

Data Security

Client information is secured with high end secured servers, so the client no need to bother about security, once the contract is issued to us, a client can trust that their product is in safe hands of the experienced team. S Multi technologies ensure the security of the information provided by various clients.


Our team also having good experience in offline data entry services. Our expert managers key in database program or raw details or word processor of client option. We revert back with speedier delivery. Our experts in quality control and testing cross-check the product output for the quality. Once the product output is check, we are submitting to the client in the requested format for verification and further use.

The importance of outsourcing is increased day to day, but only countable companies in the software market provide error-free customer services.

Why is S Multi Technologies one of the leading Data entry company in India?

We understood that every corporate work is entirely varied from customer to customer. We work together with various clients by understanding their chart of the company and accommodate S Multi Technologies solution to fit their actual corporate requirements. We provide end to end solutions.

S Multi Technologies maintains a long-term relationship with a varied client to achieve the client task and benefit from the corporate achievement. Once the job is contracted to us, we assure you that you will get an economic figure that matches your budget to provide better data entry services. Our cost escalation demands are reasonable and approved by various clients with necessary approvals.

We do support the companies involved in accounts, production, pharma companies, financing, education, engineering, structural and architect etc. We are very much successfully delivering a solution to various countries around the globe like the Middle East, Canada, Netherlands, France, UK, Australia, USA, Germany, Norway etc.

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