Children’s Book Illustrations

//Children’s Book Illustrations

Children’s Book Illustrations

Children's Book IllustrationsMaking a concept for your design and artwork is a part of a puzzle. The ideas require re-tweaking and editing to be pleasing and print ready.

At the S Multi Technologies, we provide the professional and outstanding services that can assist in enhancing the designs and make them ready to print within a short time.  With ten years of experience, our experts of artwork have managed to the requirements of multiple creative designs companies, publishing agencies, marketing firms and printing the companies globally.  The artwork services involve:


Outsourcing specific functions in a business is a strategy that firms are using to engage in a competitive environment. The DTP services consist of one feature that can be outsourced easily.

The S Multi Technologies’ vast range of DTP services involve:

  • Creative cover designs
  • Creating the layout for newspapers and books
  • Creating the brochures, catalogs, and point of sale displays
  • Developing graphics
  • Providing DTP typesetting services
  • Providing DTP photo editing services

The software that we use for desktop publishing services include: Corel Draw, Adobe Indesign (CS2 & CS3), and PageMaker


For surviving in a competitive environment, magazine and news businesses require the differentiation of their services from the other competitors when it operates under the restricted budgets. One of the methods for the utilization of the resources in an effective manner is to keep attention on the heart and core of the details of the magazine, and outsourcing of the easy tasks to the affordable and reliable partners. The magazine layout editing services can be outsourced easily. 

We are offering the magazine layout services as well as prepress services for the publishers all over the world, and we have a partnership with the following:

  • Newspaper
  • Magazine companies
  • Catalog manufacturers
  • Brochure Designers
  • Textbook Creators.

The different kinds of outsourced projects involve brochures, magazine, newspaper, newsletter, annual reports, textbooks, paperback books, technical manual, and ebooks, etc


The layout of any book has a significant impact on the look and readability of it. The innovation of the layout designs will capture and gain the attention of the readers. It is where the professional book out layout design services can be advantageous. Hence, the perfect option is the outsourcing of the editorial design services to any professional service provider like the S Multi Technologies who are providing the most creative layout designs for magazines and books.

Some of the book layout design services that we are offering

  • Formatting of the overall pages
  • Style creation
  • Adding images and illustrations
  • Page layout design
  • Typesetting


Before uploading an image on any website, image optimization and vectorization is one of the most critical steps. The massive photos take a lot of time to load, consume a lot of bandwidth, and make the experience slower of the entire web surfing. Therefore we assist you in optimizing the images before you upload them. We will ensure the time and bandwidth will be required in browsing through the web pages.


If you require digital images for the high level of quality, you cannot utilize the pictures that can get blur when they are scaled to multiple sizes. PNG, JPEG, or Raster formats of file do not give the best results if the sharpness of the image is indispensable. Vectorizing of an image maintain the crispness and curves even if we blow the image infinitely. The designers can scale, move, stretch, rotate, skew, fill backgrounds or colors as required without damaging the quality of the image.


We are offering the image annotation services that are complete scalability and flexibility to multiple industries for the successful completion of their computer vision based projects. The image annotation includes a method of tagging and differentiating into various categories with the accurate classification that assists in retrieving or finding out the images at any time we require. We utilize the best technologies and quality tools for the annotation of images as per the requirements of customers for delivering them an excellent service at the minimum price.

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